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Volunteer Team

The World Bodypainting Festival ® is the biggest and most important body art event in the world. It was founded and developed in 1998 as a small event to give people the opportunity to experience the art of bodypainting. Since then, the festival has grown every year into an international top event, which still maintains the original connected feeling of the bodypainting family and community.

So many wonderful artists from different countries travel once a year to Austria to celebrate art and friendship. To make this passionate event happen, we as a non profit organizer are depending on helping hands that creat this wonderful community. Many friendships are made here and last for a lifetime.

The festival starts on Sunday July 5th with the main days from July 09 - 11th. 


BECOME A PART OF THE world's most colourful event

The festival can only be organized with the support of the town, local government and volunteers like yourself who put their ability, talents and time together for such a dynamic festival to exist. Come and join this wonderful community with your abilities and passion. No matter if you are young or old, with experience or not, the only thing that counts is your motivation to help.

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We have a fantastic mix of teams waiting for you to join in.


  • Workshops (Assisting in workshop and instructor maintenance).
  • Body Circus (Styling Jam Session)
  • Side Events (Shopping Day)


  • Jury Support (Assisting jury members during the jury proses).
  • Artists Support (Assist artists and models throughout the day).
  • Photo Area Support (Assist photographers and models during photo area session).
  • Backstage day/evening (Assist backstage crew)
  • Information/communication (Work in info points throughout Bodypaint City).
  • Check points (Work on check points on specific times throughout Bodypaint City).
  • Exhibitor Management (Assist with the correct allocation of the exhibitor boot).
  • Video (Assisting, cutting, recoreding)

Throughout the year

  1. Creative volunteers (Brainstorming on various projects, graphics, video, writing, translations)
  2. Program coordinators (on various smaller projects)
  3. WBF Ambassadeurs


Join us

Registrations until 1st May possible.

We are excited by your submission and are very happy to have you in our team. 
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