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Interested in being a model ?

If you are searching for a unique experience in modelling
the World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) is the place to be !

292 Abdul Halim Kulaksiz
Artist Johannes Stötter / Photo Abdul Halim Kulaksiz

This festival is a place where many creative minds meet to create something unique and special. The artists are, like the models, people who register themselves through their own costs to take part in their projects.

The requirements to be a model at the WBF are:

  • Reliable punctuality and genuine interest in enjoying the process.
  • Photos of yourself that we can pass on to artists still in need of a model.
  • To understand the artists idea,  so you are able to appropriatley express the idea through choreography on the stage and in the photography area.
  • Ideally experience in posing for the camera and experience working with photographers.
  • You must be minimum 18 years old.
We try to connect the models with artists before the main days when posible. The meeting point if not otherwise arranged with the artist is just inside the main entrance of the festival grounds "Model Meeting Point" in the Bodypaint City on the festival Friday at 9.00 am. Please collect your entry pass at the information at the entrance first.
All participants including models are sent the photo catalogue free of charge after the event. This catalogue contains the best photos from the photo competition that is produced afterwards. Many photographers also send photos to models over the year or on request.

Before the main days there are also many workshops held in small groups. If you are interested in modeling at the workshops please let us know. At the workshops a teacher (only the best in the world come into question) will paint their model in front of the class.

Important Information for Models to know

You can register here

Ingo Wandler Olga Sokolova
Artist Olga Sokolova / Photo Ingo Wandler


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