DJ Contest in Bodypaint City 2020

presented by Bergliebe Records & Landesjugendreferat Kärnten

Since already the year 2008 there were the first DJ Contests at the World Bodypainting Festival. In 2019 we were back with a successful contest with international participants. The new concept will also be produced in 2020 with the support of Hannes Kröll-Schnell aka CROELL and Kristof Grandits TaS. In front of a jury with renowned DJs, producers and musicians beyond the borders of Europe, the participants can showcase their talent.

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An opportunity for hidden talents, newcomers and semi professional DJs and DJanes with the possibility to win

  • 1st place: Residency Bergliebe Club Königsleiten (Austria) -

  • 2nd place: Prime Time Slot at the BMMD (BERGLIEBE MOUNTAIN MUSIC DAYS)

  • 3rd place: Release of a single on the next BERGLIEBE Compililation


Contest schedule:

  • Daily on the WBF main days between 12.00 am to 05.00 pm 
    Pre selection on Thursday and Friday,
    Finals on Saturday
  • Music genre: electronic dance music, remixes, techno, electro, drum and bass, hip hop,
  • The scoring  - Pre selection Thursday and Friday 10 participants per day.
    The top 5 of each day will go into the finals on Sunday.
    The DJ / DJane presents a showcase, the jury will score:
    – TRACK SELECTION (Intro, Structure, Flow)
    – TECHNICAL - Points awarded for technical ability including use of effects or tricks, combination of tecniqes
    – MIXING - The transition from one record to another, points lost for mixes out of sync or poor volume control
    – CROWD REACTION - Points awarded for lifting the crowd or getting a visible reaction
    – CHARISMA - How the DJ interacts with the audience through showmanship

    The scoring  - Semi-Finals:
    The 10 finalists will present their showcase on Saturday. The Jury scores as on the days before.
    The scoring  - Finale:
    The best 2 DJ's will ballte against each other. The genre will be given by the jury.
    The judging is done by the jury and the audience.

  • Lengh of a set: 30 minutes (the jury can stop the performance if the quality of mixing is too low) . maximum lengh of one track is 3 minutes
  • The DJ/DJane has to bring vinyl, headphones and tools (cue points) that can be used within the provided equipment.
    If you need for your hip hop session your battle mixer, you are allowed to bring your own mixer.
  • We provide Technics 1210, Pioneer Mixer DJM 900 NXS and 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS
  • Age limit is 16
  • Registration is open till 30 June 2020 via online form
  • For the participation fee of Euro 20 you will receive your regisration badge for the full festival weekend and free access to the side events
  • All participants will be listed in the program brochure






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